What Will Be Your Home New Year Resolutions?

By on 6th January in Home Inspiration

We all make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves, be it losing weight, joining the gym, eating healthier, going out more, spending less money or travelling the world, but how many of these do we actually stick to?

Apparently many of us will break these resolutions by the 17th January. So we thought, rather than focusing on ourselves with resolutions we can’t stick to, let’s focus on ones for our homes instead. The best resolutions are achievable and show a tangible effect – the ones we’ve come up with below will ensure a happy new year for you and your home.


We’re starting with a big project! If this year you want a change for your home because you need extra living space to enjoy all year round, then an extension is the resolution for you!

You have a few options and they will vary in cost, but all will give you a beautiful space to use however you please.

A conservatory is a cost-effective way to give your home extra living space and with today’s technology, it is one that’s usable no matter what season it is. Letting light flood in, conservatories make great dining rooms, living rooms or a casual reading room.

Anglian Regency Conservatory white uPVC

To add a luxurious room to your home go down the route of an orangery. The solid walls means you can utilise the wall space for cupboards, hanging pictures or shelves, whilst the lantern roof provides natural light and a glorious view of the sky. An orangery can be used however you please, but one of our favourite uses is a kitchen like the below.

Anglian Orangery with kitchen

Alternatively, if you already have a conservatory with a glass roof that’s a bit tired and inefficient, a solid roof replacement could be an option. Take advantage of the modern designs available, which combine a tiled roof with roof glazing.

A Deep Clean

This one is so easy to achieve and something you should do more than once a year, but why not start the year afresh with a wonderfully clean home. Get the carpets cleaned, wash down the walls of any dirty marks that have accumulated over the year and any grease or grime that’s built up in the kitchen.

Check those hard to reach places for cobwebs, clean your windows and doors and don’t forget to clean your oven!

Cleaning mould

Refresh The Décor

A fresh lick of paint or a complete restyle of the interiors of your home will make no end of difference. Whether it’s moving furniture around in your living room, changing your feature wall or embracing the Pantone Colour of the Year (it’s Greenery), a newly decorated home can be reinvigorating.

Try to use paints that are VOC and toxin free

New Carpets

You don’t have to change the whole look of your home with paint and wallpaper, a change of carpets is often all that’s needed. If your carpet has become worn, dated or no longer matches your interior design, it’s time for a change.

Image of somebody laying a carpet and cutting it to size

New furniture

If after a deep clean your home’s décor is looking great, but the furniture is in need of an update, then take advantage of the January sales! There’s plenty of fantastic products on offer during this time, so bring in the new.

Alternatively, if Christmas has broken the bank, reinvent your current furniture by giving it a makeover. Sanding wooden furniture down, giving it a lick of paint or reupholstering the fabric on dining chairs or sofas can be a cheaper way to update your home.

Toy storage, clever storage, multiuse storage

Image source

New Windows & Doors

This is possibly something you’ve been putting off for a while, but if the draughts and bedraggled look are just too much to handle, now is the time to renew your double glazing and front door!

Although a little more expensive than the other resolutions, this one will save you money year after year if you opt for A-rated windows and doors. The range of styles, colours and finishes for windows and doors is massive, so you can really personalise your home.

Double glazing with shutters in a kitchen

Whichever home New Year’s resolution you choose, let’s try to make it one you stick to! Let us know your New Year’s resolution on Twitter or Facebook.

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