What to Do After a Home Renovation

By on 13th February in Home Inspiration

You may have read about what you should be doing before and during your home renovation, but here’s the final instalment about what you should do after your home renovation – decorating and furnishing!

After Renovation

For some, decorating the newly finished area can in fact be the most exciting part, so make sure you have done your research about how you’d like to use the space before you go out shopping.

Bathrooms are the new living spaces of 2016, so if you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, think indulgence. Bathrooms tend to be one of the spaces that ends up constantly overrun by clutter, so when redecorating this area the goal is to achieve a homely feel, with luxurious chairs, fresh flowers and even a reading area if there’s room!

Bathroom window

However, if your renovation project focuses on the kitchen then be prepared to release your creative passion as 2016 forecasts the idea of mixed materials being a big theme. Instead of sticking to just one or two textures and colours, get creative with different materials and patterns to create a truly personalised space. By combining vintage materials with rustic wood and shiny white features, you’ll create a homely, yet modern vibe.

Anglian Orangery with kitchen

By planning ahead you will be able to buy furniture, decorations and soft furnishings for the new room/s in advance and with the 2015 trend of upcycling continuing into this year, many people renovating their home are taking old and unused furniture and transforming it via paint and varnish.

Shops such as The British Heart Foundation and Sue Ryder all offer a wide range of second hand furniture which can be a great way to afford quality furniture. Not to mention the wonderful shop that is IKEA, also known as the ultimate flat pack home, so if you’re feeling stuck for inspiration or are just on a tight budget then why not pop down to your nearest superstore and let your creative juices flow.

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