What Is It About Duck Egg Blue That’s So Appealing In 2015?


Duck Egg Blue is a colour that always seems popular, it is always trendy and being used in some interesting ways, but why is this so?

It is literally appearing everywhere in home design – from paint to elegant wallpapers, cushions, lamps, sofas, all sorts of furniture and now it is even being used for our front doors and garage doors!

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Duck Egg Blue front door

I am one of the many that likes Duck Egg Blue because it is very versatile and be it a feature wall or accessories, it looks great in any room and with many styles.

It’s calming and works well alongside a range of other colours, bringing life to overly bland or dark rooms. Duck Egg Blue looks great against other chalky colours, lifting what could be considered boring colours such as beige or taupe. You can make it more glamorous by using it in addition to a monochrome theme or pairing it up with deep browns to create a striking contrast.

Ann Broad Curtain and blind mix

But that’s just my opinion, I’ve spoken to a range of interior design experts to see what they think of the colour and why it is so popular.

Mike Ahern

Here is What 9 Interior Designers Had to Say About Pantones 2015 Colour of the Year“Duck egg blue immediately evokes idyllic images of a calming coastal retreat or a contemporary country escape – it’s what I prefer to class a ‘dreamy neutral.”





Jane Lockhart B.A.A.I.D

Here is What 9 Interior Designers Had to Say About Pantones 2015 Colour of the Year

“Sometimes called Duck Egg Blue or Robins Egg Blue, this soft blue-green has become a neutral in many colour schemes today. ‎This colour has been used in every part of the house including family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even offices or workout spaces.


It began a few years back as it established itself in the bathroom as homeowners wanted to create a more spa-like environment in their home baths. This blue-green was reminiscent of watery environments common in luxuary spas world-wide. It has now seeped into every space and become an excellent alternative to grey or beige, the two other standbys for wall colours.


The appeal of this light blue-ish hue is it’s soft and fresh feel. Cool colours tend to recede in a room so they help to keep a space larger or open feeling. And with the plethora of brown hardwoods and beige sofas out there, Robins Egg Blue offers a new alternative that breathes fresh life into dull spaces.

Also, there is no denying the desire for homeowners to create relaxing, cottage-like or causal homes today and this colour allows them to do this without divesting themselves of formal or traditional pieces of furniture they already own.”

Jonathan Legate

Here is What 9 Interior Designers Had to Say About Pantones 2015 Colour of the Year

“Duck egg blue is a classic colour rife with nostalgia and homely comfort yet youthfully fresh and vibrant.


This easy to live with hue was often reserved for bedrooms and bathrooms but now duck egg blue can be found throughout the home from accent walls to entire kitchens including the appliances!


Duck egg blue is also a fabulous splash of unexpected colour when used to line bookshelves or the insides of glass fronted cabinets. Dreamy on a ceiling.”

Kirsten Grove

Here is What 9 Interior Designers Had to Say About Pantones 2015 Colour of the Year

“Duck egg blue is just one of those irresistible pastels that is all the rage right now. It’s such a fun colour to incorporate in any space. whether it be a kitchen, living space, bedroom etc. This colour is not just playful but sophisticated all in one dose. When using such a color be sure to mix it up with a few neutral or calm trinkets (as my husband loves to call it). Accessorise with less bold elements and the colour will speak for itself.”


Anglian Orangery at Hampton Court

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How are you using Duck Egg Blue in your home? We’d love to see your interior design using this colour – feel free to share some pictures on the Good to be Home Facebook page.