View through a January window

By on 28th January in Home Inspiration

Here is the next in our monthly blogs with a view from a window.

Now that the weather has changed over the last few days and the snow has virtually disappeared,  here are a few pictures from my snow covered garden.

How pretty the plants and trees look, they take on an enchanted magical look like those pictured in the film of The Chronicles of Narnia.  Bright coloured flowers like jewels peep out from beneath the snow covered bushes.


Snow Jan 2013

A beautiful fir tree with its branches heavily coated with snow.

Forsythia  - Snow Jan 2013

Forsythia with its yellow flowers bringing some brightness to the garden


Catkins Snow Jan 2013

Catkins dangling below the snow

Broom - Snow Jan 2013



Snow Jan 2013

Spot the icicles on the ends of the branches.

Snow Jan 2013

Even in the snow the red stems of this bush stand out.


Silver Birch - Snow Jan 2013

Silver Birch trees heavily coated in frost and snow.


Monkey Puzzel Tree - Snow Jan 2013

A Monkey Puzzle tree looking very pretty.

We hope that you have enjoyed taking pictures of your garden in the snow.  If you would like to share them with us, send your pictures to us via Twitter (@anglianhome), to our Facebook page or you can send them to [email protected] and our favourites will be used in our future Window view blogs.

Happy snapping!


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