How Upcycled Bedroom Furniture can save you a Fortune

By on 27th February in Home Inspiration

If you’re looking to update your bedroom that’s looking a little on the tired side, you’ve no doubt recoiled in horror at the prices of decent furniture and decor accessories these days.

Therefore, when giving your bedroom a revamp, why not embrace the growing trend of upcycling? This involves transforming things you already own or cheap second hand finds into something with a different purpose, or something with a really different appeal. It’s great using this in the bedroom as it will make the most personal room in the home even more individual to you, as no one will have exact pieces that you do after you’ve worked on them.

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite projects and included a few tips to help you achieve them yourself, from the surprisingly simple to the slightly more difficult.


Drawers and storage

Give old drawers a completely new lease of life by making a few simple adjustments. Instead of forking out for a brand new chest of drawers, why not invest in a few (much cheaper) colourful or intricate door knobs? You could opt for a mix-matched appeal for a really individual and quirky look.

Or, for a slightly bigger project, why not mix-match the actual drawers? You could do this literally, by using a range of different sized drawers to add interest, or just paint them different colours.

If you are a dab hand with a paint brush, you could paint an intricate design onto the front of the drawers for a bold yet feminine look. (You could also cheat and use a stencil instead).


Shelving systems

If you constantly find yourself running out of space and reckon your room could really benefit from some shelving, or just want something to fill a blank wall, there are loads of things you can use instead of buying new ones which work just as well and can look a lot more interesting and unique.

When replacing your windows, why not keep your old ones and use them as shelves? Lots of crafters and interior designers have been embracing this trend, and you can see some amazing previous examples here.


Beds and chairs

We haven’t forgotten the main element of the bedroom – the bed. Replacing bed frames can be particularly pricey, but if you’re stuck with one you’ve outgrown, you don’t have to put up with it anymore.

Grab a paint brush and your favourite colour pop shade and make a statement with a bright bed frame. It’s surprisingly easy to do on wood, plastic and metal frames – the only thing that tends to vary is the amount of coats it will need. (Ask for some advice when purchasing the paint also to check that it is suitable for the material). This can instantly give the room a fresh makeover and will draw attention straight to your bed.

If you have a chair in your bedroom that you think could also do with a makeover, you could apply this method to it also, or upholster it with new fabric. This will be a lot cheaper than buying a brand new chair and can be done a number of times if your tastes change again.

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