Under the Dome – what is the dome made of?

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Here at Anglian Home Improvements, we are intrigued with new types of technology, whether scientists are testing a prototype or if it is just something that appears in a film or TV programme, we love to see the feasibility of different ideas.

Under the Dome

Image sourced from Flickr Terrorama

The latest technology that has caught my imagination is the dome from Channel 5 TV series ‘Under the Dome‘. In a similar story to ‘The Simpsons Movie’, Under the Dome features a small town in America that has had a mysterious dome appear over it. trapping them with no way in or out. Nobody knows why it’s there, how it got there, or what it is made of?

This got me thinking about what it could be made of, if this type of technology is possible and if it isn’t possible, how feasible is it in the not-too-distant future?

What do we know about the dome?

I am not sure if it is a type of glass or an electrical force field that is creating the dome over Chester’s Mill, but either way it is an odd material covering the town.

– We can see that the dome is transparent.

– When touched it gives off a static shock or current through whatever touches it.

– It is impenetrable by anything solid, but permeable for liquid and potentially gas.

– Nobody knows how deep the dome goes underground.

Does this technology exist or is it possible to create?

To me, it seems like it could be some sort of force field due to its electrical charge, but there is not such technology at present. The closest we have to this type of force field is featured in this video by Fox News;

So, if this technology isn’t currently available or possible, could it be a giant sheet of super-glass? Glass can be made at super strengths, proven in 2011 when a glass was made from precious metals that was stronger than any type of glass on the market. The California Institute of Technology created this strong and tough metallic glass and believe it is the strongest to ever be made. The only downfall in this being our ‘dome’ is that it is not transparent, but surely this could be the next step in their development?

Electrical charges running through glass is also possible and exists today, although not necessarily in the same way as the dome. Smart glass is a special type of glass that can turn your regular crystal clear glass opaque at the click of a button. This button will send an electrical charge through the glass, which is what causes it to appear frosted. You can read more about this here.

Frosted glass can be turned on and off

Does permeable glass exist? Not at present, apart from in gas permeable contact lenses, but could water permeable glass be made in the future? What purposes could it fulfil in day to day life?

So, recreating the dome is not a possibility right now, but how long until we can create something similar? Would this type of technology be used for windows? Who knows, Anglian could soon be selling force field windows, opposed to double glazing.

Catch ‘Under the Dome’ 9pm Monday nights on Channel 5.

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