UK urged to get Solar installation

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As we all know and continuously read, the government is trying to improve the countries green credentials, so it is a huge benefit to all of us that the feed-in-tariff has not been cut!

Even better news is we still have plenty of time to lock in the current feed-in-tariff pricing of 41.3p for every KiloWatt Hour (Kwh) we supply back to the national grid. There is not going to be a review of the price until 2013, so maybe its time we take advantage of this current feed-in-tariff and install solar panels.

Due to the rise in solar’s popularity and installation rate, there were concerns that George Osborne, chancellor of exchequers, was going to cut the tariff as they continue to find ways to lower the countries’ debts.

However, if you install solar panels between now and 2013, when the tariff is reviewed again, you will be guaranteed your 41.3p (per KWh) return, for 25 years, which will have paid for itself and made you money by the end of the 25 years.

The Guardian newspaper has been highlighting this fact and urging its readers to invest in solar power, if not you could miss out on the benefits.

Solar panels

Now counsellors in Reading are under pressure to install solar panels onto certain buildings, to increase the towns eco credentials. The plans are being backed by many political figures, which would see the city reap the benefits of the feed-in-tariff.

Labour councellor, Rachel Eden stated, “Going for this scheme is ‘win-win’ for the council, as it will generate a regular income stream and provide energy security as well as reducing the council’s impact on the environment.”

She also said how solar installations could educate children of ways to be more environmentally friendly and different sources of renewable energy.

There were a record number of solar installations in August this year, with 2,257 homes taking them onboard, which was a 24 rise from July.

It has also been released that furniture giants Ikea, are bringing out their own solar panels to be sold in 8 stores across California. If this is continued across to the UK, we could see an even bigger rise in solar installations.

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