UK housing energy fact file [infographic]

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The 2013 Housing Energy Fact File is a UK Government report that shows the changes in our home-energy use from the 1970s to today. The infographic below shows the main points from that report.

Our lifestyles have changed dramatically since the 70s, and many of the things we now take for granted, such as double glazing and central heating, were, at best, sparsely used. It comes as no surprise then that our homes are now 4c warmer than they were.

The fact that we now use 18% less energy is perhaps more surprising though. This is largely due to an increase in product efficiency and smaller rooms, which is apparently enough to cancel out our now-heavy reliance on gadgets, PCs and huge televisions. This equates to roughly £200 less per household per year.

The savings we have made over time in energy have been largely offset by a large increase in fuel usage and price. We now use roughly 50% more fuel per year than in 1970.

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UK Housing Energy Fact File Infographic 2013

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The purpose of the annual fact file, according to, is to gather all the important trends in relation to domestic energy use, especially with regards to ways we are improving in our energy efficiency around the home.

The report includes the whole of the United Kingdom and not just Great Britain, and data is collected by the English Housing Survey, then condensed into a report by Cambridge Architectural Research and Loughborough University.

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