UK Down in Clean Energy Ranks

By on 31st March in Home Inspiration

The United Kingdom has moved down in the worlds report of who’s winning the clean energy race, so much so, they are now out of the top 10! China tops the list for clean energy investment. They weren’t just attracting the most investment, but also lead the market producing the most solar panels and wind turbines.

The UK has slipped down the list due to investment into green energy plummeting by 70 in 2010, however, Europe remains the largest recipient of investment, receiving a whopping $94.4 billion of investment, Asia/Oceania following in 2nd.

Solar is being invested in hugely

Investment globally has increased to $243 billion, a 30 rise in comparison to 2009 and a phenomenal 630 rise since 2004! That percentage reflects how much is being invested into eco-friendly energy and reducing generation from high carbon fuels.

Global clean power capacity is now up to 388 Gigawatts(GW) thanks to the 40GW of wind and 17GW of solar energy being installed throughout 2010. I am sure this will increase over the coming year, especially in the UK as the government’s Feed-in-tariff has increased from 41.3p to 43.3p per KW/hour meaning more savings, or spending money, for you!

Argentina is the biggest growing country year-on-year as it saw investment grow 568 in 2010 in comparison with 2009.

Experts are suggesting the UK’s slump in the table is due to the change of government, all the uncertainty has delayed any potential deals being struck. China, Germany and India all increased the amount of investment, mainly due to their appeal to financiers with their national policies that create long-term benefits.

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