A Tour of Anglian’s Fantastic New Website

By on 19th January in Home Inspiration

Our parent company, Anglian Home Improvements has launched itself a unique, colourful and picture filled website, fresh for the New Year! We thought we’d give you a tour of the new website as it has some cool new features that you may not find on other home improvement sites.

For starters, the homepage is a flamboyant and inviting page with large images of orangeries, doors and windows scrolling across your screen. The site has moved from a site that described what you are looking for to focusing on showing you the different looks you can achieve, the styles available and the products on offer. After all a picture says a thousand words…

Map of installs

Best bits of the New Anglian Website

  • The site journey is easy to follow and informative (as you’ll see below).
  • The galleries are filled to the brim with some stunning installations.
  • A map on the homepage that shows the 90,000 installations from the last two years (pictured above).
  • Highlighting reviews – they’re on every page and have a dedicated area of reviews for all products.
  • The look and feel of the whole site is much more modern.
  • It’s mobile and tablet friendly.

The Journey to Home Fulfilment

The site has moved to a new format that may seem unusual, but it is built to help you decipher exactly what you are looking for when in the market for home improvements. For example, if you are looking to buy new windows for your home, you obviously start by clicking the windows panel (pictured below) to set you on your journey.

Windows panel

This takes you onto another similar screen with similar panels, where you can choose between styles, materials, colours, energy performance and triple glazing. Select any of these sections to continue your journey, learn more about the options available and decipher that ideal window. Each section takes you down the screen to where you wish to go next, so you can simply scroll back up to see the path you’ve taken.


This journey takes you from product to appointment in a few simple clicks and should hopefully help you make an informed choice about the products you are interested in, meaning the phone call with the home improvement company should be relatively easy as you have a good understanding of what you are after.

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