Tips to Sell Your Home

By on 19th September in Home Inspiration

In my recent blog describing the problems selling, buying or renting a home highlighted the issues this country is experiencing, but here are a few tips to try and help you beat this trend and sell your home.

Buyers are few and far between currently, so everyone is competing against eachother, but how can you increase your chances of selling?

Firstly, using the expertise of the local estate agents is essential. Try to get some background knowledge about the best ones in your area, ask friends and use the internet to determine which is best suited to your needs.

When you have decided this they can advise you on how in demand your property will be, how much you might expect to get for your home and the length of time you should expect to sell your property. Organising a solicitor early, along with all relevant documentation needed, such as guarantees and house deeds will help save time and speed up the process when you are ready to sell.

Secondly, you should have a think about the type of people that would be interested in your home. Would it be a young couple looking to set up their first home, or a family with children? Whoever you think will enjoy your home, try to focus your sale appeal to them the most. For a family, local schools, bus routes and entertainment areas may sway a decision in your favour, so be prepared, highlight these advantages to prospective buyers.

A clean and tidy home will make rooms look bigger and can help give people an idea of how spacious the property is with plenty of scope to make their own. Clutter will give the room an unorganised feel, making it look smaller and maybe give the impression you are hiding something. Your home should be able to sell itself by looking its best, so a quick clean up before potential buyers arrive will help things progress immensely.

If the house is in need of any maintenance this should be done, but do not spend more money, than you anticipate recouping from the improvements. You will be surprised how much better a room can look with a lick of paint. Not only that, if you have a painted front door that is looking a bit tatty, give it a once over too as it is one of the first things buyers will see on arrival. Neutral colours are always a good idea, this will portray the property as a blank canvas for the new owners and light neutral colour make rooms look bigger.

Help to sell your home

A nice touch which might entice a buyer more could be to make an information pack, which includes copies of guarantees, a sample of a utility bill, service histories and even what amenities are in the local area. By doing this, it shows you care about your home and have a genuine desire to be open and helpful. If you are conscientious enough to produce an information pack for the potential buyer, then it can be assumed you’ve looked after your home well too.

To make viewings distraction free, you may wish to consider the best time to arrange viewings, during school ours might be a good time if the buyers are willing. A phone call to a relative or friend may be an alternative and fun destination for children or pets while your potential buyers are viewing. During the viewing try to focus on all of the positives about the property and save the best room for last! If the last room they see in the house looks great, it could leave a lasting impression in their mind. If you are unsure about the best points of your house then the estate agent should be able to help you decide, their experience is invaluable and such be maximised!

When you receive an offer take time to consider if they are the ideal buyers, have they got to sell their house first, are they in a financial position to buy? These questions need to be asked if not it could slow the sale and your move. The highest offer is not always the right one to accept. Keep your house on the market until you are 100 sure the sale will go through, unless the new buyers have specifically asked you to remove it. The estate agents will assist you throughout this process though, so you are not alone!

Final pointer for everyone is to keep in touch with your estate agent and solicitor to check the progress of the sale and in case there are any changes along the way. There is nothing worse than being kept in the dark, so the odd phone call here and there will not harm. Patience is essential throughout this process, this can get stressful. Remember this advice and you should get through it swimmingly! 🙂

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