This Little Piggy Had Double Glazed Windows

By on 15th December in Home Inspiration

You have just read correctly, a farmer in North Cotswold has been told to remove the double glazed windows he put in for his pigs.

These little piggies were living a life of luxury with their barn having roof lighting, double glazing and block walling.

Piggy Hilton

Piggy Palace

As lovely as an idea this is Cotswold District Council were not too impressed with the pigs very own Palace and have requested Julian Davies removes the double glazed windows from the 200 year old barn, which is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, as they are unnecessary.

However, Mr Davies believes they are needed to protect his pregnant pigs, giving them a safe environment.

“The barn was falling down and we had to do something, so we put up concrete blocks and some old double glazed windows from the house for light.”

These little piggies had double glazed windows, now they have none. Maybe they will go wee wee wee all the way to the council to protest against that decision.

Do you think this is unfair on the pigs? Let me know…

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