The yin and yang of your front door

By on 22nd May in Home Inspiration

We all love our homes and hope that they reflect our style, personality and for many people our achievements in life.

After reading an article on how our front doors can reflect our personalities I thought about other influences?

Do you practice feng-shui in your home, by placing furniture where you think it is looks nice, fits in the space, is practical for it’s use or are you really not bothered?

If you’ve never heard of it, Feng-shui is an ancient Chinese art of finding good or bad fortune, harmonising yin and yang, the negative and positive in life.  From times long ago it is linked to the orientation, construction, planning of homes or that of our ancestral burial sites. Today, it is still used in many homes and can be reflected in our working environments too.

Once I started to look at the rules and what was considered good and bad feng-shui, it depended on so many varying factors that it was difficult to explain in full.

The homes we live in today can not all correspond to the suggested rules, but we can do our best to make things feel right for us.  There are many self-help books on the subject that you can read and perhaps choose to make adjustments to your home to improve your yin and yang.


Welcoming front door

Feng-shui suggested that doors facing specific compass directions should be particular colours to bring you luck, good health, happiness, fortune and well-being.  The colour red is said to be welcoming.

North facing doors                                – Dark Blue and Black
South facing doors                                – Red, Pink and Purple
East and South East facing doors    – Green and Blue
West and North West facing doors – White, Silver, Copper or Gold
North East or South West                   – Brown and Yellow

So we did a quick straw pole in the office of peoples colour preferences for their front doors.  There was no overall winner, but everyone reverted back to what the outside of the house looked like and that the windows,  gutters, sofits and garage doors would have to match;   The top four colours were, white, red, blue and green.

We are sure, the colour you choose for your main entrance will fit in aesthetically with the brickwork or painted exterior of  your property, the style of windows and garage doors and it will be the right choice for your home.

It will make your home bright, well balanced,  beautiful and welcoming.

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