The Anglian Difference… Decorative Glass

By on 22nd February in Home Inspiration

Anglians designs

For hundreds of years the UK has been captivated by coloured glass, since as far back as the 11th century, where we used shapes, colours and designs to decorate our buildings, recording events and expressing our personality.

At Anglian we offer the best choice of this traditional artform, as all of our decorative glass is handmade by our own craftsmen so you can choose a pattern and style that is as unique as your are. By adding decorative glass you are adding individual taste to the finish of your windows, doors or conservatory. We can match a current design you have to match the rest of your home, or create your own design for us to make.

However, if you are not quite as artistic as some of our team, then you can choose from our very own range of designs to give your home a gorgeous new look. Each will be hand crafted to whatever shape, size or colour you want.

Decorative glass in a door

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