The Anglian Difference… Clearline Spacer Bar

By on 10th February in Home Inspiration

When you look at your windows, whether it’s just to give them a quick clean or perhaps measure up for some new blinds your wife has asked you to get, do you notice anything?

Ah yes. That silver (or gold) coloured spacebar within your windows. Quite noticeable don’t you think?

uPVC Clearline silver

At Anglian Home Improvements our unique, new Clearline spacer bar is quite simply a new revolution in the appearance of sealed double glazing units.

What makes Anglian’s new Clearline spacer bar different is that it’s now black in colour rather than the normal gold or silver, which comes with a unique ‘U’ shape to¬† not only give an impressive improvement in the appearance of the window, but it helps for the window to become more thermal efficient aswell.

In fact the Clearline spacer bar is completely revolutionary and improves the look of the window, with a more slimmer and sleeker appearance.

So, without trying to blow our own trumpet, we are proud to announce that no other home improvement company in this industry has this brand new feature to their windows!

Building regulations stipulate all replacement windows have a minimum energy rating of Category C, which lucky for you as most of our standard casement windows, which comes with our new Clearline spacer bar, can be purchased in a Category B rating so you’ll save more money in energy bills.

Now if that’s not raising the standard, then I don’t know what is.

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