Take the tangle out of planning, drive onto an Anglian ‘Porlock’ Permeable driveway.

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Anglian launches the latest in driveway development with the new ‘Porlock’ permeable driveway which ticks all the requirement boxes. Introduced to comply with new planning regulations the new Porlock permeable driveway provides an alternative driveway solution to the current non permeable blocks where an additional soak away is required.

Burfield 7

This is no concrete my friend, this is 100 CLAY!

The permeable blocks are manufactured from clay rather than concrete. They are 50mm thick and are ‘through coloured’, which means the colour it is today will be the colour it is tomorrow, a completely non-fade brick. Each block has nibs on the side to ensure a consistent space between adjacent blocks enabling rainwater to permeate through the driveway surface rather than simply ‘run off’.

The heart is where the base is:

The difference in the construction of the driveway does not end with the blocks, oh no! The base layers of the permeable driveway are very different and require a far deeper 350mm dig out. To absorb the water running through the blocks the base uses a porous sub base on top of 50mm layer of grit . The Grit is also used to fill the gap between the blocks.

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