Super Flats are the New Mansion

By on 14th October in Home Inspiration

If we go back in time a hundred years or so (even 20 years), if you were wealthy, you bought yourself the biggest mansion you could afford with as many different utilities and activity areas as possible. It seems the times are changing though as super flats are fast becoming the new mansion.

Gone are the days of people dreaming of living in Wentworth Woodhouse in Yorkshire (it’s twice the size of Buckingham Palace), the country’s rich are now looking for plush, big city, super flats.

It seems the rich and famous no longer want to stand out in a crowd or be in a secluded part of town. They want to be in amongst it, keeping all of the usual luxuries, but within touching distance of the nearest première, airport or celebrity party.

The Chilterns


This super flat is for sale – £25 million in case you were wondering – and comes with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and the option to buy a wine cellar (obviously).

Super flats Outselling Mansions

Estate agent Peter Wetherell recently told the Telegraph how the richest live’s have changed as they now crave single storey living. The majority of super flats are like 5 star hotels with luxurious bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas with the additions of home gyms, cinema rooms and stunning views from terraces and balconies.

Because of the changes in stamp duty, mansions sales are in decline according to Wetherell, whilst flats and apartments are holding their own.

York Terrace super flat

York Terrace Penthouse is in a period building – best of both worlds! It’s for sale on Rightmove for a cool £15 million.

People are coming in from all over the world to buy apartments in London and other big cities. With new, international buyers comes new tastes and ways of living and as there’s limited space to build luxurious homes in these cities, the only way to fulfil their needs is to build an apartment or convert a penthouse.

Knightsbridge £75 million super flat

This super flat in Knightsbridge will set you back £75 million, but it does have 5 bedrooms as well as all of the ‘standard’ commodities such as a media room and his and hers dressing rooms.

The lifestyles of the rich and famous are changing the way we live. The added bonus of a concierge and leisure services, that are typically found in hotels and luxurious apartments, appeal greatly to oversea buyers.

Check out this ‘Invisible’ house that went underground to maximise space in London.

The big cities are once again leading the way we live and it looks like what we call home could be in for big changes yet again.

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