Stone Throwing Isn’t Advised in this House

By on 4th June in Home Inspiration

Architect Carlo Santambrogio has designed this incredible glass house using computer generated images. The completely clear structure would be a nightmare to clean, but if this was an actual home, would you live here?

Dining area in glass house

Santambrogio’s Glass House concept can be built for you and the architect himself has mocked up what it would look like in a wintry woodland and a scenic cliff edge. He claims the glass can be heated to provide warmth for the inhabitants during the colder months, although it doesn’t come cheap – about £4,000 per square metre.

Carlo Santambrogio also designs glass and the furniture featured within these glass giants is his own work from his furniture range ‘Simplicity’. Nearly everything in the houses is made of glass, the only piece of furniture that isn’t is the bed. This is a good idea, as we found out why having the perfect mattress is vital to a good night’s sleep.

You can see more of Santambrogio’s work in his London Portland Street Showroom.

If you can afford it, this intriguing architect will design any glass structure you like. Just make sure you build it more than a stone’s throw away from your neighbours.

Glass bedroom

Glass house on cliff edge

Glass house on Cliff bedroom

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