South Africa want Solar park

By on 4th October in Home Inspiration

Being carbon neutral is a constant talking point across the country, but South Africa are just the same. They are making plans to create a solar power park to keep up with the ever rising demand of electricity in the country.

Power shortages have been an ever present problem in South Africa, causing blackouts in 2008, subsequently they have been rationing electricity since. Now South Africa wants to try and solve this issue by building a solar power park to generate 5000 megawatts of power, a whopping 11 of the countries total usage. A nuclear power station is also being considered to help increase their production capabilities.

It is planned to be installed in the Northern Cape of the country as it is an ideal location for the best energy harvesting.

Africa Night

South Africa is currently looking for investors to help finance the project, as it could cost billions of dollars to complete, but this project would not only boost production of electricity, but also thousands of jobs. Not only that it would be a carbon neutral source of electricity, pushing up the countries green credentials.

South Africa is just one of many countries to have suffered from rolling blackouts, along with countries like Egypt, Zimbabwe, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Haiti. However, it is another country that is trying to increase electricity production in a green manor.

In Seville, Spain, they have built a 20 megawatts solar power tower. The tower stands at 531 feet, surrounded by 1,255 mirrored heliostats, which reflect the suns rays onto the receiver at the top of the tower, creating steam to power the turbine that produces the electricity. The heliostats also move to maximise the yield of radiation from the sun.

Solar Power Tower

With the whole globe all pushing for greener living it is no wonder that solar panels have now being launched by home improvement companies everywhere. Companies such as Anglian Home Improvements have released their own photovoltaic and thermal solar panels in recent months,  and the United Kingdom has seen a steady rise in the number of investors in solar power ever since. This should give us cheaper household bills, something we all can benefit from. Have you bought any solar panels this year? Have you got cheaper electricity and gas bills as a result? Let me know.

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