Solar Panel That Follows The Sun

By on 9th December in Home Inspiration

This is one idea that I think will become used in every photovoltaic solar panel in the world within a few years. A 19 year old girl called Eden Full has invented the SunSaluter, which is a rotating solar panel that follows the suns rays.

PV solar panel

Eden is an incredibly intelligent girl, creating a solar car when she was just 9 years old. This concept of green energy spurred her on to build more eco-friendly and efficient technology. She became frustrated with how photovoltaic solar panels did not maximise their potential, as they only bathed in the sun for a certain period of time. This is when she invented the rotating tracker, which increases a solar panel’s energy output by 40!

She currently has 2 prototypes being tested in Kenya, which is saturated in sun for the majority of the day. The genius with the SunSaluter is that it can rotate and track the sun without using any energy! Although, Eden has not disclosed how she has managed to do this, but she did let slip that the SunSaluter uses metal coils, which expand and contract in accordance with the local heat and angle of the sun.

Hopefully, this brilliant invention will encourage the use of solar energy, helping further breakthroughs in developing countries and improve uptake in established markets. If you want to see an interview with Eden Full talking about her SunSaluter, click here.

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