Dracula’s Castle is up for Sale. Could you sink your teeth into it?

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It has been in the news recently that Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania is on the property market! You may need a few million pounds to buy and renovate it so it is ready for tourists to flood in through the doors.

Herzfeld and Rubin, the law firm handling this are looking for serious offers for this property, but you have to be able to offer a well thought out proposition on how you will use this historic castle.

Bran Castle Birdseye view

The History

There has been some very interesting previous tenants including Royalty, Hungarians, Saxons and even Teutonic Knights who have lived in what is actually known as Bran Castle. Although the blood thirsty Dracula fictionally lived here, Vlad ‘The Impaler’ Tepes was imprisoned here for a couple of months.

Vlad was not the only thing to be feared in the castle as Transylvanian folklore tells of ghostly spirits, called strigoi, roaming the valleys hunting for sleeping villagers to scare.

Bran Castle fell into the hands of Royalty in 1920, with Romanian Queen Marie taking tenure. Marie, Granddaughter of our own Queen Victoria, died in 1938 handing it down to her daughter Ileana who set the castle up as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

The Royals were kicked out rather abruptly in 1948 when the communists claimed the fortress back. It wasn’t until 1996 when the castle was returned to the Royal family with son of Ileana, Dominic and his two sisters who are now running the castle.

Bran Castle grounds

The Stakes are High

It is not just about buying the castle, this is the biggest tourist attraction in Romania with 560,000 people visiting each year. It currently costs just £4 to tour the grounds, but Dominic and his sisters are now all in their 70s and don’t think they can restore and maintain the castle, let alone bring it into the 21st century.

Bran Castle stands on top of a hill with unparalleled views of the surrounding area, which is why it was such a grand fortress for so many years. There are more than enough bedrooms for your entire family, mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. Get them all in and you’d still have rooms left over for more guests.

The walls are ripe with history and are proven to be cannonball proof, which is why the Romanian people still want the castle to be a tourist attraction.

Grand view of Bran castle

The castle currently has some fundamental downfalls – a lack of toilets and bathrooms for the tenants being the main issue, although there are facilities for tourists. It is also currently on a main road, which makes it less desirable.

Mark Meyer, the representative for Herzfeld and Rubin, says the aim is to make Bran a destination for people to spend a few days visiting. There is room to build a hotel, scope to re-route the road and they even plan on performing a light show for guests, featuring the blood sucker himself along with the history of the castle. This performance will all take place in the mountain, travelling their via a glass elevator that they hope to build.

With such vast history and tales surrounding this castle, could this be a grand investment or would the renovation suck the life out of you?

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