The Sharifi ha House Takes Changing Rooms to a Whole New Level

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Is this the future of our homes? Rooms that can be extended and moved to suit the changing seasons have been incorporated into this seven storey home in Tehran.

Outside Sharifi fa House - NextOffice

Sharifi ha House

The Sharifi ha House has a swimming pool, a gym, it’s own parking area, housekeeping rooms and lots more rooms to do what you want with. However, the greatest feature of them all is the three outer rooms can rotate and manoeuvre so they are protruding out of the main building.

Bottom floor swimming pool of Sharifi ha house - Next Office

Each of the timber box rooms are built with their own rotating base. In Tehran, the summer is hot, whilst the winter is very cold, so the rooms are built with this in mind. They open up to the summer warmth filling the whole house with light through glass roofing and air thanks to the opened up terrace. However, in winter, these wooden boxes can close back to shut out the dark, closing out the cold, creating a cosy retreat.

Sharifi ha House living area - NextOffice

The house is spread out over seven floors; there are two basements used as a pool and gym area; the ground floor has room for parking and housekeeper’s living area; the first and second floor are used as the main living space, whilst the top two floors house the bedrooms and bathrooms as well as another kitchen…why not!

Dining area of Sharifi ha house - NextOffice

The house is literally transforming to be used how you want it. If you want an extra terrace area, swivel a room out, if you want a warm snug, close a room off.

This amazing piece of architecture, built by Iranian company NextOffice, has been shortlisted in the house category of the World Architecture Festival Awards 2014. This design deserves an award for its uniqueness!

Looking out of the top floor of Sharifi ha House - NextOffice

Sure it is a luxurious house, but the concept is phenomenal and as technology advances, how long until we are controlling our houses with our phones (even automated, as we discussed here) or just telling our house to do things like extend the dining room, or boil the kettle?

Balcony area of Sharifi ha House looking outside - Nextoffice

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Photographs by Parham Taghioff, Mandana Mansouri, Salar Motahari, Majid Jahangiri

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