Sash Windows – Replace or Improve?


During my daily browse of the worldwide web, I stumbled upon this question;

“Is there any downside to having the sash windows in my Victorian house double glazed?”

Well at Anglian we offer our own sash windows, as well as secondary double glazing, but which is better?

The issue with fitting sealed double glazing into existing timber sashes is that if the glazing bars are not deep enough to fit the additional glass and spacer, not protecting this correctly can cause internal misting. This is due to their being a lack of space for beading to shield the edge sealant from drying out in the sun. This early failure of the edge sealant is a prime cause of premature internal misting.

Also if there isn’t 5mm gap around all four edges of the sealed glazed unit for drainage, you run the risk again of internal misting or condensation. The problem with condensation is how it can lead to bigger problems such as, mould and rot, which will destroy your windows within a few years! The traditional method of retaining glass into sash windows using linseed-oil putty, can draw the plasticiser out of the edge sealant causing it to dry out and crack, again potentially leading to condensation.

These issues are easy to avoid if you have a good fitter, good depth of timber or if you can, install well made new sash windows, sympathetic to your property. As you are fully aware a sash window looks elegant, so it is essential to make sure you do not ruin the aesthetics of your property by installing poorly manufactured replacements. If, for example, you live in a conservation area it is probably best to fit secondary glazing, to keep the original, natural beauty of your home, but check with your regional planning office first!

One benefit of having brand new sash windows installed is that they will be much more efficient than a secondary glazed original sash window! At Anglian we engineer and craft ourĀ  windows in a state of the art factory to perfectly suit your home. It can be made in either UPVC or high quality timber and incorporates Anglian’s sealed units which can be filled with Ultra 2 gas at request. You can even have White Woodgrain UPVC to both faces of the window to recreate the look of real wood.

In my opinion, if you want energy efficient windows, to help reduce bills, windows that will also reduce sound, then brand new sash windows are better. If you want to keep the aesthetic look to your home, see if secondary glazing is an option. If not, try to keep on top of maintenance on your current sash windows, because if rot sets in, it could prove a costly repair!

A recent study in Bath revealed that half the people living in listed buildings said they were too cold in the winter! Despite 98 of the city’s population said protecting the city’s heritage was important, they also want it to be fit for the future. 43 of 246 people who responded to the survey said their listed house was much colder than they would like it to be. New sash windows would be ideal here, as they will have much better thermal efficiency than single glazed or even secondary glazing.

Sash windows

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