Renewable Heat Incentive

By on 9th November in Home Inspiration

Next year we will be able to save money for producing our own heat!

The DECC (department of energy and climate change) are introducing a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is a project in the making where you will be supported for having thermal efficient technology in your household, such as Thermal solar panels or wood pellet boilers.

The plan is to drive renewable heat from a fringe industry into the mainstream, with the RHI boasting a huge £850 million to strive towards this.

Around half of the energy consumption in the UK is heat and roughly half of the UK’s carbon emissions. Their initiative is to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and push towards more sustainable, reliable green sources of energy so our heat requirements have a lesser impact on the environment.

The ambition from this commitment is to increases the amount of heat produced from a renewable source from a measly 1 to 12. This can only be achieved by all parts of the population getting on board – households, communities, commercial and industrial sectors.

There is also the possibility that you could receive a tariff like you do at the moment with photovoltaic solar panels, just to give the incentive more appeal to us.

Hopefully next year we will be earning a nice little wage from all of our solar panels!

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