Raising the Standard of our Wooden Windows and Doors

By on 1st November in Home Inspiration

As the renovation of listed buildings becomes more popular and people want a more traditional look to their homes, Anglian have re-launched their wooden windows and doors, so I thought I would share with you what improvements have been made to give you an even better product.

The main improvement in our windows is the change of the wood being used, enabling much better performance and appearance.

Anglian are now using cabinet grade timber, in lamens terms this is the finest, blemish free,  wood from the base of a Redwood. This is due to the lack of knots found in this section of the tree, giving you not only a cleaner finish, but one that is much stronger too.

The next step taken, as solid timber has a tendency to twist, is to improve the wood further by laminating it with two other pieces, this alleviates the problem by giving it extra strength and stability.

The windows, as expected, are designed and built to absolute precision to ensure that all of the joints fit precisely, something a local craftsman may not be able to do, but our state of the art machinery can guarantee.

Whether it’s a wooden window or door, Anglian use a sophisticated vacuum and pressure impregnation process, in which the preservative is forced deep into the wood for long lasting protection.

Timber Sample

With normal wooden windows after a few years the paint starts to look weathered or begins to crack, but not with Anglians. We are using the same technique used by car manufacturers to ensure a pristine, evenly covered finish, something impossible to do by hand.

And just to seal the new improvement they are energy efficient double glazed windows, that can be made to fit the style of your home.

The doors have had a change in their design too, by having them made from a solid panels of laminated wood veneers, with different grain direction, in alternate layers, enhancing the stability of the door therefore preventing any warping.

Improving the strength of the door further, Anglian include a thin layer of aluminium alloy sitting just below the external and internal faces of the door. These layers provide protection against moisture penetrating the wood, stopping it from swelling and bowing, making the doors remarkably stable.

Both the windows and doors are then fitted with the same top notch security features you will find in any normal Anglian PVC windows and doors, providing you with the best security around. I recently visited the Anglian Factory, where I was told by one of the Quality Control staff how a recent police visit demonstrated how even with their special battering ram, they could not break down the door until after 4 or 5 attempts!

Wooden Windows and Doors

Anglian Home Improvements keeping you safe in your home since 1966. For more information on our wooden windows and doors, visit the website here.

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