Providing colour for your window ambience

By on 30th November in Home Inspiration

Got a dull, dark and uninspiring room? Want to inject some much needed life into the way your windows look and feel? You can give an entire new vibe into your living space with a few snips, stitches or wood. It’s easily done and best of all can be completed to a budget with the Ann Broad Collection!

Ann Broad Collection

Replacing a room’s curtains or blinds can completely refresh the feel in any room and house. The choice to the consumer has never been so vast with quality curtain and blinds incorporating more styles, fabrics and finishes than ever before.

Curtains and blinds also have a practical use which is often overlooked. They provide privacy to a room and regulate light. An energy benefit to the room is also created. A window covering can stop heat from entering the home when it’s hot and keep the warmth in when it’s cold.

Ann Broad Blinds


The first step in planning what curtains or blinds you are going to buy would be to ensure that you order samples. This is just like when you order paint for your room, often you find the colour looks different in your home compared to the shop due to other contributing factors such as the light or surroundings.

Use home improvements magazines as the instrument to inspire and reassure you of your choice. Placing your ideas on your own theme board can often help you in making that final decision.

If you cannot decide what colour to make your room you can normally utilise one or two furnishing colours from a key piece of furniture and repeat them in your curtains and cushions for a uniformity feel.

Ann Broad - matching colours

The scale of the print and curtain style both play an important part – think about the proportion of the room and size of window. Floor length curtains are elegant on tall windows and can appear to increase the height of a low ceiling.

Pencil Pleat Heading



The style of the heading is also important; the same curtain can look very different depending on the header you use. Pencil Pleat has a more casual feel with neat, gathered folds and is suitable on tracks or poles. For a more formal, tailored finish, pinch pleats have extra gathering and a permanent sewn-in-pleat.




Eyelet Heading




For a contemporary streamlined look, eyelets are very stylish; the wide folds look especially good with a bold design.





Tab Top Heading




Tab tops work well in an informal setting; they usual require fewer widths than other headings, making them more economical.






Whatever the style you’re creating or budget you’re working towards the Ann Broad Collection will certainly having something to suit all.

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