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Technology is developing and changing every week and I have recently seen reports that the iPhone 5 will have a different charger that is magnetic and smaller causing havoc in the Apple user-base, but it was this article that caught my eye and imagination.

With the introduction of 3D printers, items can be made at the click of a few buttons; although it is still in its preliminary stages, items such as guitars, jewellry and even dental and medical products have been made. The printer is also beginning to be used in architecture, engineering and construction.

3D printer that made a fully working guitarImage sourced –

This is all an exciting progression in the way we create tools, equipment and raw materials, but what I didn’t expect to see was the creation of keys that are used for handcuffs. This has the potential to cause chaos within the security market.

Handcuffs don’t use patterned keys, unlike the locks in front doors. The security of handcuffs has relied solely on the manufacturers keeping the availability of such keys to a bare minimum. This security flaw was discovered by ‘Ray’, a German security researcher who has in the past advised the German police on handcuff technology.

In an even bigger twist, Ray first discovered his new printing technique when he bought a key for Chubb handcuffs from eBay, along with a German Bonowi key. It took some accurate measuring and a 3D computer model, complete with precise dimensions to input into a laser cutter and a 3D printer for the key to be replicated. The keys were duplicated meaning he could theoretically escape from handcuffs with ease. It is quite shocking to know such keys were purchased so easily on eBay!

Now keys can be created with a printer that is getting cheaper year-on-year and more readily used, what implications does this have for the future of security? Security is always developing – new locks, new keys and new methods to enter a building. For the majority of us, nothing will change for years to come and your home will be as secure as ever.

At Anglian we use a highly secure, multi-point locking system which locks in 3 different places with hook-like bolts that penetrate deep into the door frame.The lock itself is a top of the range Yale lock, which is resistant to bumping, picking and drilling. The handle of the door is also a security feature as it cannot be levered or tampered with to gain entry, meaning your home is safe from opportunist thieves and even a more determined criminal. Should new technology come in that could threaten the security of doors, we at Anglian strive to evolve the security of our products to prevent there ever being an issue.

Security is paramount to feeling safe in your home! I personally feel although this could be a worry for police around the world, new handcuffs and keys will be created to prevent this, but this development will not affect the safety of your home.

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