Prince Charles gets into the Solar spirit

By on 1st September in Home Inspiration

The majority of us in this day and age, are putting in extra effort to reduce our carbon footprints, be it through recycling, growing our own fruit and vegetables or walking to work. Well even royalty are getting in on the act now.

Prince Charles has been given permission to have  32 photovoltaic solar panels put onto the roof of Clarence House. With this permission he will be able to generate up to 4000 kW-hours, which is enough to power an average home. It was a bit touch and go whether he would be able to install solar panels, as Clarence House is a Grade 1 listed building, but with the help of a parapet hiding them from their neighbours in The Mall, Prince Charles has got a thumbs-up. It’s nice to see The Royal Family getting involved in being ‘green’.

Prince Charles ready to start installing

Prince Charles ready to start installing

However, Prince Charles has been reducing his carbon emissions further in many different ways. He was stated saying we should bathe less, taking a five minute shower instead to save water and money on our energy bills. If an average family of four replaced one bath with a five minute shower we could save between £5 and £15 a year. Not a massive amount of extra cash, but it’s definately a small way for us to make a difference.

Not only that, the Prince has installed energy efficient boilers into Clarence House saving him more money (not that he needs it) and increasing his ‘green’ credentials. Furthermore, his cars no longer run off petrol. His Range Rovers are powered by biofuel, using second hand cooking oil and more astonishingly his Aston Martin is run off bioethanol from wine! To me that sounds more expensive than petrol? Apparently not. The EU has strict rules on the amount of wine which can be produced, any excess is not allowed to be sold on the market, so instead it has turned into an environmental fuel.

Prince Charles has been doing an outstanding job to reduce his carbon footprint, keeping his household carbon neutral for the last 3 years. This has caused a reduction in carbon emissions by 4 and an increase of 22 in the use of renewable energy. I would love to be able to do this, so if the Prince of Wales can make these lifestyle changes, then I am going to have to make a bigger effort myself. He is really leading by example, as now Oxford town hall has made plans to turn it into a “green power station”, by fitting solar panels onto it.

I wonder if he will get an Anglian Home Improvements installation of solar panels?

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