New Hybrid Air Vehicle

By on 6th January in Home Inspiration

British developers have built a new hybrid vehicle that flies! It looks like a traditional airship, but it is the newest, green flying vehicle in the making.

This 50 foot long machine is filled with helium and can act as an aeroplane, helicopter and even hovercraft, with the developers hoping to make the final design over 1000 feet long, possibly for commercial use.

With a vehicle of that size it would be able to carry 1000 tons, but it comes without the problems of a traditional airship landing. It can be controlled completely by remote controls, either in the ship or on the ground, and doesn’t need a runway! Due to its tough, spongy exterior and the help of some mini propellers it can land pretty much anywhere on land or water.

The company who have created this brilliant new machine, have just signed a £300 million deal with the US military.

New hybrid vehicle will be like a traditional airship

The vehicle that is lighter than air, has the ability to be airborne for 3 weeks at a time, with a built in unblinking eye to monitor the ground.

As these vehicles do not need a road or runway, these could prove vital for supplying food, clothing, medical supplies and shelter in times of natural disasters such as the earthquake that hit Haiti, leaving 2,000,000 people homeless. Had this ingenious machine been fully functional, it could have provided for all those in need.

The company hope to have the first full size hybrid flying by the summer!! Exciting new prospects ahead I feel!

If they put photovoltaic solar panels across the top of the vehicle, could it fly forever?

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