Nationwide Figures Show Improve Rather Than Move

By on 31st October in Home Inspiration

In this economic downturn house prices are dropping, mortgages are harder to acquire, which has pushed people to improve their home rather than move.

Recent figures from Nationwide show how 20 of all further advances given to its existing mortgage customers this July were used to pay for structural work, including loft conversions. Another 10 of all remortgages were for an extension of some sort, meaning we would rather make our home bigger, than move into a larger property.

Anglian Home Improvements offer great ways to add more space onto your property, be it with a bright, luxurious orangery, a garage conversion, a extension or a beautiful conservatory to bring you closer to your garden.

Stunning Panoramic extension

With Anglian, you are spoilt for choice with the different options available to increase the space in your home. By adding another double bedroom to your home, you can increase the value by 12, whilst a double bedroom with an en suite bathroom adds a whopping 23 to your house, according to the Nationwide Index.

With this in mind, you just have to decide which is the most beneficial for your home and your family, and which is financially achievable? As we are all fully aware, times are tight and you must take into consideration the total cost to build and how much value you hope to add to your property. Make sure that an extra room will add as much value as you hope; you don’t want to put the time, money and effort into a project that you will not benefit from.

Adding extra space to your house can be a stressful ordeal, but at Anglian we have a team of advisors who will organise the planning permissions and follow the build from start to finish ensuring that it all runs smoothly. With the majority of paperwork and phone calls being dealt with by our specialists, you will have peace of mind that the job will be done efficiently.

What would you do with an extra room? Would you try to add 23 to your homes value or would you do something different with the extra space? Why not let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

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