Mrs Energy Saving has boiler problems

By on 5th April in Home Inspiration

Anglian Conservatory in the snow

It’s March and it’s still cold over here in the UK – perhaps even colder than it was when I last wrote for Anglian Home Improvements in February! This was after I had already been awarded an awesome and enlightening energy saving pack by these considerate guys as part of their Big Energy Saving Week. Today I am not going to be talking quite so much about my endless insights from the snow – even though there is enough of it around to fill blog articles for the foreseeable future! Spring, if you’re out there, please come out and say hello!

No, I am going to talk about how I and the husband managed to save on our heating bills and got a great deal warmer at the same time! It all started on a Sunday afternoon when it was cold inside the house, and I mean arctic cold, when no matter how many layers I put on myself, the husband and the kids, there was no getting even lukewarm. This of course got me thinking that something must be wrong…

Next came some investigation to find out what exactly was wrong. Specifically I took a look at the ancient-looking boiler (that’s a strong hint) stuffed in a small room under the stairs. Now, I know I work for Find Energy Savings and that I should be knowledgeable about most things energy savings related, but there are still moments when I get home and switch from work-mode to mum-mode, where getting dinner on the table, doing the laundry and putting the kids to bed are top of my priorities.
But today it was cold enough to block mum-mode and allow me to check the boiler. How should I describe it? Well, to begin with, it’s been there since we moved in, it’s rusting to some copper colour and it smells faintly of my husband’s socks after he has been out at work all day (not nice). It was obvious that something was wrong.

By this time my husband was stood by my side and giving me his educated outlook on the matter at hand. No dear, was my reply, I don’t think switching it off and on again is going to make much of a difference. See what I mean? I had previously managed to figure out how to change the timings on our central heating, but I was stumped if I was going to discover what was wrong on this occasion. Nothing left to do my only choice was to get someone in to take a look.

Thankfully I have a friend who just happens to know what he’s talking about on such matters. It only took him about five seconds of looking at the boiler to say I needed a new one. Immediately alarm bells began ringing. How are we going to afford that? We’ll have to cut back on our shopping budget and fuel for the car, and all the other little bits that build up and crush our family’s two wage packets!

Looks pretty old, my friend then told me, you might be able to get one of those replacement boiler grants. I blinked once, twice, and then wondered why on earth I hadn’t thought of this before. I’ve read about this in the past, of course, since this is the kind of info available from work. So why did it evade my radar? Yep, I put it down to mum-mode, and then I began investigating the matter more thoroughly.

Turns out you can get a replacement boiler grant if you have one that is more than 14 years old (or G rated). I only had to look at the thing to know this must be true! Cue feelings of anxiety and worry being alleviated in seconds. Reading up on the new boilers I also discovered that they are much more efficient than older models, they require less fuel to produce the same amount of heat, and I and the husband wouldn’t have to pay a penny! So after getting in contact with an approved installer and getting the new boiler fitted, I can honestly say it was an easy process and that the husband and little ones are no longer close to becoming icicles! Though that doesn’t mean we’re letting our energy savings go to waste. No way, no how!

Phew! I hope this latest blog article has educated you on how to make sure mum-mode doesn’t get in the way of essential matters in your home and that you’ll leave a comment if you want to learn more about how I did it.

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