Moving Home? Here Are Some Printable Checklists to Help

By on 20th November in Home Inspiration

Moving home is known to be one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life. There is so much to organise, a lot of disruption and all sorts of micro-tasks to contend with. So, to help you focus on the bright side of moving – setting up a new life in an exciting new place – we have come up with these simple lists which will soothe the stress of the move.

These checklists aim to help you at three stages of your move: six weeks in advance, a fortnight before the move and the final preparations so you can rest easy knowing every aspect is under control.

Six weeks before your move

Here, you can set some big wheels in motion, and these tasks may become trickier or costlier further down the line. Some of these points will allow you to get a handle on the expected cost of the move and get you thinking about what possessions will make the transition with you.

You may want to scribble down some useful phone numbers and price quotes on this sheet.


Two weeks before your move is when things start to get real!

At this exciting benchmark you’ll need to start sourcing boxes and organising a well-regimented packing operation (make sure you label up that box of champagne glasses for when you get to the other side!).

The next fortnight will be a lot less stressful when you know exactly what is happening on moving day. It is also important to get some of the important admin out of the way, so you can enjoy your new home once you are in.

Final Preparations should be made with moving day clearly in sight.

Important questions such as what items will need to be easily accessible on the day itself and the following days? What loose ends need to be tied up at the old address? And what logistics about the move at the other side need to be considered? These preparations will be as much about saying goodbye to your old house as they will be preparing yourself for settling in to your brand new home.


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