Lock, Stock And Two Solar Panels

By on 25th August in Home Inspiration

Everyone is getting on the solar-coaster to make their homes more energy efficient, including Hollywood director Guy Ritchie.

He is attempting to reduce his carbon footprint by generating his own electricity, Mr Ritchie has submitted planning permission to the Wiltshire council for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

Madonna’s ex-husband wants to put 20 solar panels on his roof according to the Salisbury Journal, which will save him a penny or two throughout the years, not that I think he is too skint! but, money is not always the main reason; being green is a great life choice and we need some high profile supporters.

Solar Panels to be put on Guy Ritchie's House

Even football teams are getting involved with Forest ‘Green’ Rovers planning to be the ‘greenest football club’ by introducing solar panels to the stands.

Their reason behind doing this? “To make football more sustainable.” What a great idea, that should push the professional clubs to implement this idea too!


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