Liberal Democrats launch energy-efficient package


Homeowners who are eco-friendly will be rewarded under a new scheme proposed by the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats have launched a new green stimulus package, which the party says will create thousands of green jobs and ensure empty properties are made energy-efficient and brought back into use.

Proposals from the political party would see schools and other public buildings insulated, with an eco-cashback scheme for people who use home improvements, like double glazing, to make their houses more eco-friendly.

Liberal Democrat shadow energy and climate change secretary Simon Hughes said that the stimulus package is “bold” and will help to ensure a path of low-carbon growth is in place in Britain.

He said: “Only the Liberal Democrats have bold and credible plans to rebalance the economy and put Britain at the forefront of this vital transition … the Liberal Democrats have set out a blueprint for a fair economy that’s fit to last.”

Grant Shapps, the Conservatives’ shadow housing minister, recently announced that the Tories will reward energy-efficient homeowners with financial incentives.

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