Kinver Rock House is Restored to its former glory!

By on 27th March in Home Inspiration

Caves and rock houses have been inhabited since prehistoric times and are still used all over the world.

A rock house has recently been restored at a National Trust property in Staffordshire.

The Martindale Caves thought to have been lived in since 1770 to the late 1950’s, have been restored to give an insight into what life was like for the Reeve family that lived in the cave during 1937.   Unfortunately no Anglian Windows were available in 1937 or perhaps it would have been inhabited continually through the period.

At its peak 11 families are thought to of lived in the cave homes and it is believed they came about in response to a housing shortage for employees of the Hyde Iron Works.


Many years of living in a rock house

Image from the BBC

Unfortunately, due to rising population and a housing slump, this housing shortage story is being replicated today all over the country.

With its single glazed windows at the front of the rock, once the cave was warm we hope that the temperature inside could be maintained.

You too can help to achieve this in your rock home with our A-rated EcoGain casement windows they represent a truly remarkable progression in window performance and technology since the turn of the millennium, let alone the 1930s.

The EcoGain concept is such an impressive improvement on standard double-glazing because it not only keeps draughts out and more of your heat in, it actually helps add heat to your home.

We don’t think there are many people living in caves today, but whether it is for a modern home or for a new rock cave we are sure there will be one style that is just right for your home.


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