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After seeing what had been done with Ken and Deidre’s house, I was intrigued to see what the Prince’s House would be like as I didn’t really know much about what they did, I just knew they aimed to make your home greener, so when I saw a shopping trolley for a chair I knew it was going to be an interesting house.

The Prince’s House is a copy of a pioneering design called the Natural House, which is currently being built in the Building Research Establishment in Watford. The house is built in the traditional methods that have stood the test of time, but using materials that are more economical, eco-friendly and comfortable to live in.

From the outside it looked like any other home, it had brown wooden windows, white walls and looked pretty ordinary, but once you got inside you could see how quirky this home was!

The first room we went into was the dining room and kitchen, which looked homely, like someone genuinely lived in this house. The dining room had nice flowers on the table, which was set ready for a meal (for one) and it had floral pictures on the wall. I felt like I had walked into my mums house, it was really bizarre, but comforting.

Prince's House dining room

All the furniture and decorations in the Prince’s house were either made from recycled materials, are second hand or been changed from one purpose to another. Despite this fact you couldn’t notice most of the time, except for one of the bedrooms which I will explain in a mo.

Prince's House kitchen

The kitchen used neutral colours and looked quite modern, as good as the new kitchen fitted in Coronation Street No.1. It had nice wooden worktops which suited the style of the kitchen perfectly with silver pots, pans and kettles it looked quite fancy! It had red mats on the floor which were made from recycled fire hosing, but my favourite item of the day was the arm chair, which was made from old coffee sacks. I had a little test and it was just as comfy as any brand chair, I would definitely get one. Only thing is it would have been better if it reclined! That’s an idea for next year though.

Me on coffee sack chair

The living room again looked and felt very lived in and homely, although it looked a tad dated it was inviting nonetheless, a bit like going to your nans house. (Without the smell) The highlight for me from the living room was the unusual rug in the middle of the room as it was designed to look like a tree trunk with all of the inner rings. It was different and suited the room beautifully! The room also had a nice old style fire stove to heat and ventilate the room, which complemented the interior perfectly.

Prince's house living room

We then moved upstairs to the bedrooms, one of which was particularly eye catching. This girls bedroom was like something from Narnia with a bed cut to be in the shape of a castle, a polar bear rug (artificial), a painted dolls house and a wardrobe that looked more like a doorway into another universe! This bedroom was definitely one for an imaginative little girl, and it made me a little jealous that I was never that creative as a child!

Prince's House child's room

Although I loved the child’s room I wasn’t so keen on the teenager’s room. I know as a teenager you are generally a bit messy, but I thought it looked overly messy and the bed reminded me of a 1940’s hospital bed. I understand that everything is recycled, but in my opinion I couldn’t sleep in a bed like this one. Décor is a neutral colouring with life being bought into it through flags, pictures and books. The curtains however kept to the quirkiness of the whole house as they were patchwork! Overall an interesting look for this room, but one I was not totally sure of.

Teenager's room

Finally we entered the master bedroom leading to a balcony. The master bedroom kept in trend with the rest of the house with neutral colours, recycled fabrics and unique designs. The big sunflower cushion was my favourite part of the room; it was a cute symbol of spring giving the room more life.

Master Bedroom

On the balcony was the illustrious shopping trolley made into a garden chair by Reestore and as tacky as that sounds I really liked it! I’m forever seeing a trolley being dumped on the side of the road half a mile from the local supermarket, so next time I see one I might take it home and make myself a nice chair!

trolley chair

I think overall this house has a lot you can take away from it to improve the eco-friendliness of your own home. It has given me food for thought and hopefully I will shop a bit differently now.

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