How to keep your conservatory cool


With the crazy heatwave Britain is currently experiencing, we thought we would give you some handy tips to keep your conservatory cool, preventing it from feeling like a sauna so you can continue to enjoy the room. (We aren’t complaining about the sunshine and warmth, we’re helping you acclimatise.)

1. Solaroof

I start our ‘how to tips’ with something that can be installed when buying a new conservatory, a great piece of technology that Anglian offer and helps not only keep your conservatory cool in the peak of Summer, but also helps prevent furniture fading from the Sun’s UV rays.

The Anglian Solaroof is like putting a pair of sunglasses on your roof, rejecting 98% of ultra-violet rays, reducing visible glare by 80% and reject 75% of the Sun’s heat. Having an extra room that brings you closer to your garden and prevents the room overheating is such a great perk, meaning you can enjoy your conservatory or orangery all year round.  

Anglian Conservatory with bifolds & verandah

2. Blinds

Blinds are great for locking heat in and keeping heat out, so it is a bright idea to have them in your conservatory to maintain a comfortable temperature. They can also offer you a bit more privacy in a room that can feel quite exposed. Blinds by companies such as Thomas Sanderson are handmade bespoke for your conservatory, offering you a unique set of blinds that can even be motorised for extra ease. At the click of a button you can shut out the Sun during the peak of the heat, so you can continue to use this living space rather than melting in the blistering heat. Another joy of adding blinds to your conservatory is that they can be built into the frames of each window, allowing a free moving mechanism. Colourful blinds can also be made a feature for the room, injecting vibrancy and personality into the room.

3. Special Film

Should you already have your conservatory built, an alternative to technology like the Anglian Solaroof is a special type of film that can be applied to the glass. This film does a similar job to the Solaroof, reducing glare and protecting you and your furniture from UV rays. It works by reflecting the Sun’s energy away from the conservatory, allowing the conservatory to remain at a pleasant temperature.

4. Good Ventilation

Having a good air flow through a room when it is hot is a great way to keep your conservatory cool. If windows and doors are closed, the room will retain the heat, as they are designed to do so. Opening a window or door when you’re home allows fresh air to drift throughout your home and keep your conservatory at a pleasant temperature.

Conservatory window open

5. Air Conditioning

This may be a last resort, but it is the most effective at keeping you chilled in your conservatory. It may be the most expensive to install and costs to run, but it can help you maintain a good temperature in the room that brings you closer to your garden. There are units out there that can heat as well as cool, so it is worth shopping around for the best deal.

There are many methods out there to keep your conservatory at a nice temperature, preventing it from becoming a sauna or a refrigerator. Hopefully, this advice will help you enjoy your conservatory even in the heatwave we’re experiencing.

What advice do you have to keep cool in your conservatory?