How secure are your windows?

By on 3rd January in Home Inspiration

Attempted burglary on an Anglian window

We are now in 2013, Christmas feels like a lifetime ago and we have all recovered from the New Year’s parties. With the party month over, we have decided to take a look at the security of your home, specifically your double glazing, especially as there may be new laptops, smart phones and other expensive gizmos, gadgets and jewelry in your home.

This early part of the year is typically a month where we pay off any outstanding credit card bills and look at the investments for the year; some of which may be in your home. However, it is also a time where there is an increased amount of burglaries. For the last 3 years, according to Government statistics, there were over 120,000 burglaries during January to March, meaning security is paramount for your home. Maybe if you are investing in your home this year you should think about the security of your windows and doors.

A little while ago there was a spate of burglaries on one particular street in Ilford. Numerous homes were broken into, but one house was fully protected thanks to an Anglian window; despite the culprits’ best attempts, they could not break into the Anglian window, so they moved onto the next property on the street. Although the window was damaged cosmetically, it was still doing its job!

Attempted break in through an Anglian Window

Here at Anglian, we manufacture our own windows, ensuring the highest quality throughout the process, from the factory to the finish in your home. Each window is made with robust multi-chambered uPVC with welded joints for added strength against forced entry.

A lot of burglars will attempt to jemmy open a window, but shoot bolts that lock deep into the top and bottom of the frame help prevent this along with an anti-jemmy device that sits inside the frame. The glazing itself is toughened and fitted from the inside meaning it cannot be removed from the outside, increasing the security of the windows further.

Anglian window shoot bolt

Protecting the contents of your home and the people within it is one of the most important features of a window or door, so when you are considering purchasing either, don’t compromise on security.

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