Houses and Businesses Reaping The Benefits of Solar

By on 5th January in Home Inspiration

As fuel prices are continuously increasing it comes as no surprise that everyone seems to be investing in solar power.

A builders’ merchant in the East Midlands are installing solar panels, making them better off by an estimated £27,000 each year.

John A Stephens of Nottingham are expected to be saving £3,700 on their annual energy bills, by having 441 photovoltaic solar panels installed on their roof.

Thanks to the governments feed-in-tariff, the company will also receive more than £23,000 a year by supplying energy back into the National Grid.

National Grid

Even a council in Surrey has decided it is going to jump on the solar band wagon too, in a bid to improve their properties energy efficiency.

Waverly Borough Council is going to install solar panels onto buildings in Godalming, Cranleigh, Haslemere and Farncombe.

Each tennants is expected to save between £80 and £125 per year through the production of clean electricity, whilst Waverly Borough Council will benefit from the feed-in-tariff from the buildings returning surplus energy back to the grid.

Furthermore, today is the day that the VAT is increased to 20, but I don’t think this will slow the popularity of solar panels and their energy saving benefits.

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