Have you got the Summer time blues?

By on 30th August in Home Inspiration

After coming out of Winter, through the bright days of Spring, and into the heady days of Summer, it may come as a surprise to you that some people suffer from the Summer blues (Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D).  It is strange, but true!

Those of us that have been longing for the dark, cold miserable days of Winter to go away, many people have the same feelings about  Summer.

Anglian timber orangery

The new Anglian wooden conservatory on display at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013

What makes our minds and bodies feel like this?  It is a phenomenon that we don’t quite understand, but after watching people talk about it on social media it seems to be a more common feeling than I had anticipated.

One of my colleagues loves the Winter;  not so much the rain, but the cold, crisp mornings, the snow and bright sunlight.  Putting on another jumper for him is like taking off a jumper for me, it has the opposite physiological effect.

Another friend feels the effects of the heat and bright sun light so keeps her windows and curtains closed, when the sun is shining.

Following on from our survey last year regarding the Winter blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D), where 28% of Brits feel less happy when the clocks go back for Winter, we feel that is could be a significant number for the other seasons too.

It got us thinking as to whether there was a regional split in the country between east and west or north and south.  I thought that because the west of the country is said to be wetter and the east to be dryer that there could be a difference.  After further review of the survey it seems that there is a difference, but not only for the split of the country, but also between men and women.  It is said that women are more susceptible to the effects that the changing of the seasons bring, rather than men.



Viewing the garden from the conservatory lifts our mood.

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post and a poll  of 1,500 readers of the Gardeners World magazine,  people that got out and enjoyed their gardens are more satisfied with their lives generally than others.  Being in the Great Outdoors and owning pets is also known to lift the mood.

The survey also found that ‘80% of gardeners felt satisfied with their lives compared to 67% for non-gardeners.  An amazing 93% of gardeners thought that gardening improved their mood.’

So when the weather turns cold and inclement the thing to do  is to put on your coat and hat and get outside in to your garden or go for a walk.  Doing something outdoors is better that staying inside.

Are you one of those people that struggle with weather conditions and the time of year; whether it is Winter or Summer?  What is your happy time of the year?

We would love to hear how you deal with its effects, what do you do to alleviate the symptoms, and if you have any suggestions that you would like to pass on, that could make us all feel better.  Send your ideas to [email protected]


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