Go Rogue With a Star Wars Home Makeover

By on 13th December in Home Inspiration

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released this month (yes, we can’t wait either!) so we’re looking at how you can give your home the ultimate Star Wars makeover.

We’re bringing interiors from a galaxy far, far away into your homes in less than 12 parsecs, so check your bank balance, as you’ll be Chewie at the bit to incorporate these designs…Nnaarrghh.

You may think that a Star Wars themed room is only suitable for children’s rooms, but we’re hoping to dismiss this myth with some classy rooms that have embraced the Force.

Living Rooms

There are plenty of ways to incorporate Star Wars into your living room interior design without going overboard. These designs give a subtle salute to your favourite inter-galactic heroes and villains, without ruining the ambiance of your living room.

This living room design looks like a converted Imperial outpost on Endor with the exposed concrete and lookout window. It looks sophisticated and smart with the black and white Star Wars posters.

This living room design has embraced Star Wars into the interior design with realistic models being showcased in the room. They’re great for creating a talking point for guests! This seems like it’s a bachelor pad with the surround sound set up and gadgets throughout the room.

We love the feel of this room with the retro Star Wars posters and the Millenium Falcon rug is a nice touch. It looks like a great room to relax in.

Decals are a good way to incoporate different themes and features in a room as this Stormtrooper one demonstrates. Colour co-ordinated with the sofa, we think it adds great character to the room.

Again, using decals this room has created a cool feature wall with the outer space battle involving the Death Star, Millenium Falcon, X-Wings and TIE-fighters. It’s colourful and creative, allowing you to incorporate other colours in a room.


There are so many Star Wars themed kitchen gadgets out there from whisks and pizza-cutters to blenders and pint glasses. This is the quirkiest kitchen design out there at the moment, which looks like an incredible lightsaber battle is taking place.

Games and Cinema Rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra room you don’t know what to do with, then maybe transforming it into one of these is for you. Completely immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe with this cinema room, complete with a C3PO replica – if only he could serve you popcorn and sweets.

This is the ultimate gaming room with old school arcade games, air hockey and a games console, you can spend hours in here. This is one for the big kids as well as the youngsters.


We couldn’t ignore the bedroom ideas out there as there’s so many incredible ideas for children and adults to create an enchanting room. This one has taken the animated Star Wars series as inspiration, dotting stars and planets around the room. All of the furniture looks like it’s from outer space with the bolts and nuts on show.

This bedroom is straight out of Hoth! Textured walls, a speeder bed, R2D2 at your disposal and the ever present threat from the Imperial Probe Droid creates an exciting bedroom.

Yoda is the ultimate Jedi, guiding hundreds of young padwans to success, so why wouldn’t you want him on your wall to inspire you on a daily basis. Although this is a child’s room it has a grown up collection of furniture and seems to be missing a lot of toys – my bet is it’s a big kid’s bedroom!

This loft apartment has a mural to an iconic villain, Boba Fett. It adds a much needed blast of colour to what could be a very clinical room.

The room is chic, sticking to neutral tones to create a calm room…oh but then there’s the Death Star being attacked by an X-Wing and the Millenium Falcon with TIE-fighters in hot pursuit.

Ever wondered what Luke Skywalker did with the Wampa he slayed in The Empire Strikes back? He made a rug and created this cute nursery. I am a big fan of having inspiring or nice quotes in a room.

Have you got a Star Wars themed room? We’d love to see it! Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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