EU Directive ‘will reward those with double glazing’

By on 7th September in Home Inspiration

Recently on the news, a new directive from the EU could be rewarding homeowners who install double-glazed windows and doors.

This legislation will make it necessary for homeowners to publish the energy efficiency rating of their property before it is sold, according to Mortgage Introducer.

This will mean that homeowners, who are thinking about installing double glazed windows and doors, will have a house that is visibly more attractive to buyers.

EU directive for double glazing

Wayne Stevens who works for The Energy Portal welcomed the news, saying that it will be a chance for the energy efficient homes to stand out from the crowd.

I personally believe this could make these houses more likely to sell as in the long run they would be cheaper to run with electric and gas bill prices slightly rising at the moment.

Wayne also said “We urge homeowners to find out how their property is rated regardless of when they plan to sell. This would give residents time to make any necessary changes, such as installing insulation or double glazing.”

Channel 4 presenter on The Home Show and architect George Clarke recently advised mortgage holders that double glazing will hugely reduce household fuel bills.

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