Energy Savings Week – Tip 2

By on 25th October in Home Inspiration

It’s day 2 of Energy Savings Week, but what are you doing to save energy?

Our tip for today is insulation. So many homes are poorly insulated costing the homeowner hundreds of pounds extra each year, but it is something that can be easily sorted and not cost the earth. A third of all heat lost in a home without insulation is through the walls.

You can help stop this though! By installing cavity wall insulation you can save up to £135 a year on your fuel bills.

It is not just your walls you need to worry about though, your loft and roof insulation is essential to maintaining heat, especially as heat rises! Insulating your roof and loft is an effective and simple way to reduce your heating bills, and something you can do yourself. Loft and roof insulation can pay for itself within 2 years of installation meaning it is a cost effective way to save money.

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