Energy Savings Week – Tip 1

By on 18th October in Home Inspiration

As it is Energy Savings Week, we at Anglian Home Improvements will be doing one tip every day to help make your home more energy efficient.

Today’s tip – Stop heat loss.

The best way to stop heat loss would be through better insulation, so make sure the roof and walls are properly insulated. It’s a relatively cheap way to reduce your energy and carbon wastage, as you are using less electricity or gas to heat your home. It will also generally last as long as your home, and furthermore your appliances may only be rated inefficient because a fair amount of the energy they consume is lost as heat.

Therefore insulation will stop this loss of heat, meaning your home will be warmer this winter, and saving you a bit of cash.

Modern Double glazing is also another way to reduce heat loss. If you have single glazing or leaky/broken Double Glazing, you should definitely invest in some modern, quality Double Glazing, as this will increase the energy efficiency of your home greatly. Windows come in grades, which will not only show you how much heat you will conserve, but also gives you an idea on draft prevention, sound proofing and its ability to resist condensation.

Anglian Home Improvements recently carried out a Thermal Home survey in Ipswich, which highlighted poorly insulated homes, and the proven benefits of having Double Glazed windows. Using sophisticated infra-red cameras it could show where money and heat was seeping out, and which parts of the house were saving us valuable pounds.

Thermal image of house before Anglian's window installation

Thermal image of house before Anglian's window installation

Thermal image of house after Anglian's window installation

Thermal image of house after Anglian's window installation

The red in the thermal image of the house before the installation is showing the amount of heat being lost through the windows! As you can see it is glowing red, meaning the amount of money you are losing is a very substantial amount.

After the installation you can see the windows are now a neutral green, with shades of blue in there, meaning there is little or no heat being lost. A huge improvement, saving these lucky homeowners a lot of money each year, that they were quite literally throwing out of the window.

Hopefully this is a helpful hint, so make sure you don’t miss tomorrows top tip on how to make your home more carbon efficient!

Anglian Home Improvements specialise in Double Glazing and high quality replacement windows and have been trading since 1966. For more information on our double glazing follow this link.

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