Energy Savings Are Being Missed!

By on 13th April in Home Inspiration

If you don’t shop around for your bills, you could be spending around £170 more a year!

Gas is one energy going up in price

Ofgem ran the research saying people “not active in the market” were missing out on the best deals. It has been running a scheme called Energy Best Deal campaign, which offers face-to-face advice on cutting bills through the Citizens Advice Bureau in England and Wales. Since 2008, 60,000 people have taken advantage of the scheme, with a similar scheme a running in Scotland.

Ofgem is adding a new online element to its current campaign, which is now offering video guides to help people know how to deal with doorstep sales people, debt and disconnection and getting help for customers struggling to pay their energy bills.

Their stats suggest 4 out of 5 people are not getting involved in the energy market and shopping around for the best deals, which is ending up costing them more money than they should have to pay. This is a shocking amount of people not looking after the pennies in a time when living costs are increasing, you may remember all the major energy companies implemented a price rise over the winter period!

Hopefully, with the help of the current campaign everyone can get the best advice to lower the costs of living, giving you extra money to spend on enjoying yourself!

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