Electric Vehicle Tariff To Be Introduced?

By on 17th May in Home Inspiration

npower, one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers has announced plans to launch Britain’s first Electric Vehicle tariff, rewarding customers with lower rates if they recharge at home or if they plug their car in during off-peak times.

Rob Harper, group project manager at npower said, “As an energy company, we have a major responsibility to assist the UK government to meet it’s climate change targets and sustainability goals. The time has now come to help decarbonise the transport sector.”

“We are considering all options for the electric vehicle tariff, but our main aim is to match the usage for charging the vehicle from renewable sources and to make it as affordable as possible. We hope to make the tariff available to consumers during the summer,” he added.

This new scheme was confirmed at this years Grand Designs, which Anglian attended last year, to showcase its home and public charging points, alongside the worlds fastest electric vehicle, the Tesla! I think the car was at the Ideal Home Show too, and I personally think it is an attractive car considering it does 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, but also a staggering 245 miles per charge! I reckon it’s quicker to drive the Tesla from Switzerland to Belgium instead of going in the Solar Impulse.

Experts claim that there will be 300,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2014, and that the motor industry is going to receive a £7 billion boost. Interesting statistic from the PRNewswire.com, but how many people are genuinely interested in an electric vehicle?

Well according to npower, 41 are interested with the benefits of the new scheme, but how affordable is an electric vehicle? As mentioned in a recent blog, even Rio Ferdinand is not purchasing an electric car yet! If his huge salary cannot afford an electric car, then how is someone like me and you expected to afford one?

Too pricey?

The new Honda Leaf has recently had to increase it’s price due to manufacturing problems, increasing it from £24,000 to £25,990, which in the current economical climate is a huge stumbling block for the majority of us. I have tried finding a cheap electric car, but it has proved difficult to find one under £20,000, without it being a tiny 2 seater, having a poor range or be restricted to low mph. It seems the market is not that cheap! Even a second hand Toyota Prius will cost you nearly £10,000, which is still quite pricey.

This scheme seems a good idea to me, but maybe in a couple of years the cars will be more readily accessible, and a bit cheaper! If they were cheaper I would definitely be interested. For now, why not read a blog I recently wrote about economical cars?

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