Double glazing will help reduce pub noise

By on 19th August in Home Inspiration

 The amount of noise a pub creates will be reduced by installing double glazing.

Within many residential areas throughout the UK noise can be a problem but especially the sounds of music- possibly a bit of Abba or Michael Jackson – from a jukebox amongst late night drinks in the pub.

Pubs getting double glazing to reduce noise

A solution to reduce the impact of these ‘classic sounds’ has been taken up by one pub in particular. Double glazing is to be added to the pub in order to reduce the amount of noise the establishment emits, according to one newspaper.

Rutland County Council has given Jinky’s owner John Woods 3 months to reduce the amount of noise coming from his pub, the Stamford Mercury reports.

Mr Woods is planning to use double glazing in order to soundproof his pub and conform to the council’s requirements.

The landlord told the newspaper: “My customers are a friendly bunch of people and we aren’t noisy, but I have started some of the work and it will be finished within four or five weeks.”

In other news, Neil Robinson,  director of sustainability at East Midlands Airport, recently told the Derby Telegraph that installing double glazing in nearby residents homes has helped to improve their living standards.

Homeowners who live near the airport will look to get the new windows are part of the hub’s plans to reduce the impact that noise pollution has on them.

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