Double-glazed windows can save money and the environment


Homeowners who embrace energy efficiency can save themselves money and reduce their households impact on the environment by investing in insulating products, such as double glazing, according to one expert.

Richard Clarke, chairman at 1st Action, said that homeowners can reduce their carbon emissions and also save themselves a lot of money by being more energy efficient.

“There are many simple ways to save energy in the home but the most important thing you can do is to ensure that your home has good insulation and that the source of heat is as controlled and efficient as possible,” he said.

Mr Clarke added that by being better insulated, homes will lock in heat and therefore keep carbon emissions low, along with energy bills.

Anglian also recently announced the launch of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic energy efficient products. These will also reduce the cost of energy; allow return on investment and even generating income from power generation.

Anglian Solar Panels being installed
Anglian Solar panels being installed

Last month the Blog Team reported on Christine Shine who has installed 390 Photovoltaic panels within the grounds of her home. The result of this not only means that Christine Shine covers a majority of her electrical costs but generates a good level of income through selling units back to the grid.

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