Does Double and Triple Glazing Reduce Heat Loss?

By on 29th September in Home Inspiration

It wasn’t that many years ago that the windows in our homes were draughty, frozen on the inside on especially cold nights and always coated in condensation. Technology has advanced greatly since then and they are now helping keep our homes warm.

In short, yes, double and triple glazing will reduce heat loss in your home, particularly if your current windows are single glazed or double glazing that’s older than 10-15 years. Windows have come a long way and are now a fundamental part of our home’s appearance and performance.

All windows today have to have a Window Energy Rating (WER) of C or above to meet government performance standards, so all new double and triple glazed windows should reduce heat loss in your home. The WER will dictate how much heat is lost through the windows, A++ being the highest and G the lowest.

Anglian's A++ Rated Triple glazed window energy rating

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How Windows Have Changed in 50 Years

There’s no single part of the modern window that is the same as 50 years ago. The type of glass used in modern double and triple glazing has evolved to make it even more efficient; for example, low E glass is commonly used to help reflect precious heat back into our homes, ensuring it doesn’t escape. The glass in some windows is so good it helps absorb heat into your home and retain it.

The materials used have changed and modified, moving from aluminium and timber to uPVC windows with the latter becoming popular as it’s super efficient and low maintenance. Aluminium and timber offerings have also improved, with special coatings, finishes and manufacturing processes to make them long lasting and secure.

Triple glazing window

The type of gas used between each pane has also changed over the years from natural air to argon and now in triple glazing, krypton is often used.

The structure of uPVC window frames have also moved on in the last 20 years or so with the amount of chambers changing, the shape of these and the materials used between them, all to help prevent heat loss.

Anglian's A++Triple Glazing cross section

The modern window is continuously evolving to reduce the amount of heat lost from our homes and it will continue to improve over the next 50 years, be it the material, the structure, the glass or the gas.

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