Do We Have To Sacrifice For Energy Saving?

By on 31st January in Home Inspiration

As we all know, the December bills are needing to be paid off, we are all struggling, looking for ways to decrease our bills, especially when all the energy companies are putting their prices up.

But are we having to sacrifice necessities such as heating, food or even water to make sure our wage packets last the whole month?

I don’t think you really have to sacrifice much to save energy and vital pounds.Finances may be tighter than they used to, but it is a simple case of managing our money efficiently,  something we may have forgotten to do in recent years.

We do not have to give up appliances around the home either, we may have to reduce the usage, but it is not essential to give up all together as sometimes the difference is minimal. Turning the heating off is not going to be the best way to save money, simply turning it down by 1ºC will help reduce those bills more than you think! Simple things like turning lights off behind you or turning the tv off properly rather than leaving it on stand-by are great ways to save money. Also another thing my mum told me off for the other day was leaving the tap running whilst cleaning my teeth. May seem a small change, but if you do that change every day for a year you will no longer be using approx 13,000 gallons of water!

Money worth saving

If you want to make bigger long term savings, then home improvements are always a good step to saving money, whilst increasing the value and energy efficiency of your home. Fitting double glazed windows or doors can save you up to £130 on your annual energy bill by reducing the heat loss. And if you change your boiler to a more efficient one, it could even lower the bills by 25!

If you have got a little money saved up for home improvements, one that will definitely save you money and potentially earn you money is solar energy. Thanks to the governments feed-in-tariff you get paid 41p for every kW you put back into the national grid from your photovoltaic panels. This over the course of 25 years will have saved you money on your bills and maybe even earnt you a penny or two. With a potential income of £770 per year, this would make you a whopping £19,000 in 25 years!

Solar is a great way to earn money

If you are still not convinced by these improvements and are concerned next winter may be a colder, more brutal winter so want to be prepared this year…well, check your insulation. Recent figures show that you can potentially save a lot of money by having the best insulation in your home. Loft, floor, cavity wall and internal wall insulation will save you hundreds of pounds each year, with the potential to save an extra few pounds by insulating your hot water tank too. The hot water  is a haven for heat loss at it travels around your house, so well insulated pipes and tank will reduce this massively.

Another method to save money on your heating would be to install thermal solar panels. These sit on your roof using the energy from the sun to heat the water, which travels through the panels and into your hot water tank. It has the potential to produce all of your hot water during the summer and continue contributing right through the winter!

Whether you are improving your home, or improving your way of living, Anglian strive to raise the standards of homes throughout the UK. For more information on Anglian double glazed windows and doors visit our website.

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